My wife's callsign is KJ4KXN, tech class.

It is too new to locate on qrz or arrl, but there are
some callsign servers that do show it. Dont understand
this but ok...

She passed her test after 2 years of on-line software
study, but she had attempted the test once back in
1997 in FL, and then again drove to another administration
on a rainy night in FL., only to find it was either
cancelled due the wx or her getting lost on a dark
rainy night.

Whats significant is that she has been attempting to get
the license since 1997 She's wanted her license for 12 years...I believe the welcoming attitude at the
Dalton Hamfest and this state/area TN/GA in general
contributed to her improved self-confidence.
This is the closest hamfest to our home, and the
ability to eat at the Golden Corral, as she mentioned,
took a bit of the anxiety out of taking the test.
(I of course, took my morse test under armed guard
at the NYC field office,  my old call Ka2mre)
In the late 70s.

She will be getting active on the McMinville repeaters
and others through the state. It is closest to her work.

Sadly, I just sold my VX-7R (just before she took the test)
and other items to pay off debts at the Dalton hamfest,
but I will be looking for a newer handheld for her
(like the VX-7R) along with a 2m only mobile we currently
have that she'll keep in her apartment during her week stay
at her current job.


Ps: she is very happy with this achievement, and we are
usually available Friday(aft )-Sunday(eve). Our phone/mssg
is  423-447-3062. Im writing this letter to say how grateful
my wife and I are for the wonderful atmosphere you
guys provide. We should also thank ham-test-online
for the paperless wonder they have there. She was also thrilled
to see how many YL's were there taking the tests!